Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yeayer....this here was a good few days.

Where oh where to begin. Thursday was pretty chill, just went out to Bent Creek and did the footage survey for the Wolf Branch training. It was raining a bit the whole time I was out there, but now at least I can start getting the work plan together for the FS. Then, I have to just finalize the flyer, which I will post on here and the workday will be ready.

Friday morning I got a fit for my road bike from my buddy Andy G. at Biowheels, man just 5 minutes on the trainer after we moved things around was like getting into a really cozy blanket, feelin' good. I still need to put in a bit on the road. Maybe a Biltmore Forest ride this week. Then, in the afternoon I went out to Barnardsville and worked through some of the problems out there, at least made a few forward steps. I did take some photos of the rocky goodness I am up against. Read the description of the problems a few posts back. But, enjoy the photos.

Saturday was great. Again out to Barntown to ride the stuff with the owner. We had about four other people show and cruise with us. Props to Tim he rolled. The trails felt great. A bit soft still, it is a lot of fill in spots and freeze thaw wasn't kind to it this week. Other than that it felt pretty good. Coming down was Braaap sweetness. Here is a photo of the boys on the backside roads. Check it.

Today is a chill day. Gonna do some house cleaning type stuff. Probably do a bit of the same tomorrow, then up to Barntown Tuesday. Should be a good week.

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