Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A few steps forward and back.....like moonwalking

Well, this week has panned out in the most interesting of ways. A few steps forward, sounds like I may be building a huge public dirtjump park in May. Yeah that will be a fun project to watch unfold, I will keep everyone updated. Things in Barntown are settling in. Ryan Taylor is making a bunch of progress with a new riding area. Santos held a freeride comp and there is a cool video. ENJOY.

A few steps back. Normal stuff, people talk a lot and not so much gets done out of it sometimes. Life and personalities work that way, I had a few things fall through in the last couple weeks as well, but hey I got a fortune cookie that said things are gonna be looking up. Hope that doesn't mean I should always wear a helmet and be on the lookout for a falling piano. ENJOY.

Tomorrow it is back up to Barntown and moving forward with the handbuild, I should have some cool pictures later this week come out of that.

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xiao li said...

how do u put the video inside i love to put in one too!