Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold and Chillin'

Well the trip to Georgia was canceled due to the fact we would be driving six hours to sit in the cold rain and camp in 20 degree weather. I can be cold and miserable here, there is no need to make a trip to Georgia for that.

So, the weekend has progressed a little differently. I didn't do much on Friday, just hung out and worked on reading the book I am working on now "The Professor and The Madman". It is a good book, however a bit long winded. I have learned a lot of fun little facts while working my way through it, I hope to have it done today.

Saturday was very good. I finally got the rack I wanted for the back of the car. A Saris rack that allows me to fold down the rear door and be able to treat the Rodeo like a pickup truck again. That encompassed my morning. THANK YOU ANDY, for your part. Then, I rode the rollers for a bit and did a bit of stretching, my body is starting to finally come around. It gets hard during this time of year to stay motivated and moving forward. So I figure if I can do it now, then when the weather warms I will be raging to ride.

Along those lines I have been bad about pedaling for the last few years. Working for IMBA was bad because at the end of the day I would be so spent or would have to drive somewhere and just couldn't muster up the ability to turn over the cranks. Then, this past year '07, well I have been a little preoccupied with other life things. But, this winter I could feel the ill effects of not being as active and not having the world pass me at just the right pace. Nothing like a break to motivate. But, after just a few weeks I am already feeling better in my skin. Yeah, its good to ride.

SO, Saturday afternoon found me with Matt Johnson and Mike Sule at the Asheville Beerfest Winter Warmer. I had a great time. Then, that night I went over to a friends for a chill party and now am trying to keep warm on this ten degree morning. Not sure how today will pan out, I was thinking about a road ride but 10!!!!! DEGREES!!!! thats freaking cold. Well, thank you mom for rollers for Christmas.

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