Sunday, January 6, 2008

Epic, Fun, Addicted....How do you describe it?

Today, Wow, now I remember what I love about our area.

Let's begin with yesterday though. Last night I went out on the town with Andy, Jodi and my little brother. I loved it, we ended up at a birthday party for one of the boys from I9 at the French Broad Brewery, turns out you can rent out the place. It was awesome, all the people I could ever want to hang out with and all in the same place.

Well, today was the "Closed Parkway" ride, first of the season. The Blue Ridge Parkway becomes the world's best green way during the few months of the year they decide the roads are "too dangerous". It will typically close from 191 up to Pisgah and from town mountain to who knows where. This leads to dog walkers, families and cyclists getting the run of the show.

Andy was supposed to meet up with me but came down with something this morning, poor dude, and on his b-day too. So I ran solo and it was awesome. Mixed the tunes on my iriver and up up and away I went. The climb hurts until you get to the second tunnel then, it typically ain't so bad. But, I gotta say it hurt. I climbed from 191 up to Pisgah, and it was a push to keep it turning over. Fenders, a light and a rear flasher for the heck of it. Check out the photos and enjoy. I think this ride will continue to be a regular one for me over the coming weeks and 60 plus degree forecasts.

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