Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dupont on ice...

Well, I headed out to do a ride in Dupont this morning and everything was very snow covered, some of the trails were still untracked and really unrideable. I met up with Mike and Dave M. to do the cruise. We headed over to the kids trail from Buck Shoals parking and had a wonderful time. Cruising and chatting the whole way, we saw a tremendous number of horses and even spotted a horse drawn carriage, yeah in the woods, how crazy is that.

The Kids Trail was pretty cool Trail Dynamics have done a very nice job creating a fun play area for kids. Here are a few pictures.

After the kids area, Mike broke off and Dave and I headed on a little waterfall tour. The first was High Falls, then we cruised over to Triple Falls and Finally down the Galax Trail to Hooker Falls. It was cool seeing people out even with the outdoor freezer in action. Check out the guy fly-fishing with icicles hanging from the rocks. All in all a good day. 1:45 or so on the bike and some good eye candy along the way. Dupont is good for that.

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