Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dirty Bird With Alpine....

Trails, not Bike Parks, man this is going to confuse the Hell out of some folks. But, while waiting to get started on the Snyderville Bike Park project here in the Park City area, I took the opportunity to work with the local trail builder Troy Duffin with Alpine Trails Inc. where we were working on a new trail for Snowbird Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The view from the mini is above and doesn't get much better than this for a place to sit on a machine. Now I am headed out the door to go work on the design and build of the Trailside Bike Park here in Snyderville, with Progressive Trail Designs. This is turning into one of the greatest years I could ever imagine, and I feel like things are only going to get better!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Park City Is Effin Awesome!


This town is the best, great fall mountain bike trails all over the place and amazing scenery. Right now there is a sense of anticipation in the area, as well, that is darn near electric, everyone is getting ready for the big four letter word, in a good way, SNOW! We got into town on Friday and have been running around trying to get in as much play as possible, because tomorrow it is back to the grind...ha, it is like a good grind, you know like a 50-50 or something, maybe a sprocket grind...kinda sketchy at times, but controlled chaos at it BEST!

We rode some trails and jumped some jumps, they have that here too. Tomorrow into the yellow Aspens and helping Alpine-Trails finish up a little project. Life is Effin AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well we have left the lost coast behind and are now in Moraga visiting family and finding a little time to ride bikes and relax. I know you all have been missing the updates while we were obviously on the trip of a lifetime, but I needed the break and technology doesn't really exist in Shelter Cove. For some info on the project check out IMBA's write up and photos.

I still don't know how to give an ample description to the two months we spent in a setting that included the world's tallest trees, lush green surroundings, 4000 foot high peaks diving into the ocean, and trail production running all out. So I decided I'm not even going to try. The people that know me and buy me a beer will hear enough entertaining stories to take up a full night.

Now that we are back in civilization we will be heading to Park City and starting a bit of work with Alpine-Trails and Progressive Trail Design to build trails and parks for a month in the mountains of Utah. We will keep a much more detailed account of these experiences after the refreshing break I took from the blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Fall and here is to the next adventure.