Monday, November 12, 2007

Ever see a perfect canvas?

Philpott Lake, Virgina is going to make someone a trail artist for sure. The place was great with deep coves, beautiful woods, a great lake, and lots of potential.

I went up to Philpott to help Rich of IMBA Trail Solutions teach a basic trailbuilding school for the Army Corps of Engineers, Southern VA Mountain Bike Association, County personnel, and the Friends of Philpott. The weekend was great.

Friday, Rich and I met Mary, the manager from the Corps, she spoke to us a bit on the ins and outs of their particular project. Then we went to the site. We scoped a sweet workshop spot and then rolled to the hotel.

Saturday, we woke up to the sweetest morning breakfast buffet ever. Full on Shoney's style, FREE with your room, oh yeah! We headed to the classroom session and cranked out a few hours of info. Then, it was to the job site, where my mind was blown. Constructing trail to these people is like water to a duck.

Sunday, a little more classroom, then Rich and I did some design with them watching. This enabled them to understand the design principles. We got along into these crazy little deep coves and rocky noses, the place was made for east coast flow. We ended the day in a damp cove crawling across rusty barrels, if you don't know, you ain't Appalachian.

Drove home happy and tired and then I will do it again next weekend......AHHHHH. This is The ... that's right capital

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