Friday, July 31, 2009

Without further - Ado

Well, things in CLT are wrapped and it is time to get on the road to the wild west. The last week at Lakewood was a head down type of ordeal. We just got in early and put in a full day until the rain came. Then, wake up the next day and do it all again the next day. Below are photos of some of the amenities, before the landscaping takes place.

The pumptrack and the three options for interfacing with the skillz area.

The rider's view of the beginner logride heading into the skillz area, notice the pumptrack berm turning to the left.

In the woods. This is my favorite little rhythm section on the trail. You roll into the woods on a few rollers and then into a sandy basin and rise area to the "split" either go right and hit the left berm or go left and flat turn across a rock garden to a nice little drop into...THE BERM. Finally flow through an increasing flow set to the climbing terraces and you are out of this little section. What is after that? You have to go ride it to find out. With the rain over the last few days it will take this beast a little while to dry out, then it will be GAME ON!!


Flyinelvis said...


We were so fortunate to have you visit our fair city and make things happen! The kids at Lakewood and the community as a whole will benefit from your efforts! And let's not forget Jen! Behind every successful man is a hard working woman, and Jen is the best! Good luck in your future endeavors and we hope that our paths will cross again! The trail system is a better place now that B4 has placed it's stamp on our community! Please stay in touch...

K said...

Nice work! Way to go guys.