Friday, September 18, 2009

Design/Build Benefits

Over the last few months we have been traveling the continent and reviewing on-the-ground, case-studies of operational bike parks and clandestine facilities alike. With a back ground in many industries, I find that we are forging new territory by creating a bike park construction industry from the ground up. Much like the life span of constructing a park you should first establish what the needs are. In the recent years fiscal responsibility has moved to the forefront and a municipal bike park project is no different. It is through all of this experience and the needs of financial efficiency that the design/build concept really shines.

Off-road bicycle facilities that truly excel contain elements of aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, and experiential art. It is truly an endeavor that balances form and function. When a facility truly stands out it has a level of continuity and a level of detail unmatched by less unique amenities. This continuity is delivered through a unified vision and execution process, the core value of design/build procurement.

By qualifying and hiring the proper design/build team on a project, clients are able to achieve a number of benefits including cost savings, construction efficiency and an artistic community asset that is sure to please both the users and spectators. B4 Consulting and Construction Inc. is uniquely qualified for this type of project with a background in engineering, art and home building.

A specialty project like a bike park should not be left to less passionate design firms that do not understand the nuances of building the individual features and should certainly not be interpreted by a General Contractor based upon CAD style drawings. Having a true artist that understands the reality of the construction ahead; insures the ultimate product and the design/build model ensures efficiency and a better overall project value.

Take some examples from the skate park industry: (

“There are a couple of design/build teams that insist upon the freedom to make any modifications they desire while the park is under construction. These skateparks undergo a dynamic, almost organic process while the park is being built. This design approach works because these teams have a high level of experience both as skaters and as park builders and demonstrate a meticulous attention to detail. The result is some of the best skateparks in the world.”

With the benefits of a qualified design/build team coupled with the lower general costs of a bike park project compared to a more materials intensive project like a skatepark or playground, building bike parks in communities is truly a priceless amenity to invest in.



SD Digger said...

It was a pleasure to meet you, your better half and your dog. I appreciate you taking the time to sit in and listen to what my fine city had to say about the Skills Park.

I'm going to regroup and try and get this train wreck back on track;
going to take the route I knew was correct in the beginning.

If SD doesn't buy-in, I'll shop my proposal to other cities. Either way, I look forward to hopefully working with you and Nathan in the not to distant future.

Thanks again,

Jason L. Showalter

Ben said...

Great to meet you too Jason. Patience is key in this process, keep the eye on the prize and you will gitrdun.

Enjoy the perfect weather and I look forward to coming back. Maybe we will have better waves next time and I can try my hand a surfing. Looks kinda fun.