Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Switching Back...

Here is a sequence from the swithcback I built today, possibly the best switchback I have ever built. It is all about refinement. Today was certainly very Zen.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tooth and nail...

The going was rough today...lots of thick sections of roots and some steep sideslopes. Only managed about 300 feet or so in the day, but tomorrow I will breack out into more open forest. For now enjoy the deep forest trail pics.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Workin' the turns.

Yeah I know it is Saturday and I shouldn't be working, but I needed it, too much paper work this week. Here are pics of reworking two of the turns on section one to open the radii a bit. Check out our dirty dog too. Enjoiy your weekend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain and ready for tomorrow

Well, sorry for no pics with the post, but have been either busy in front of the word machine or have been out in rain, "camera-no-like-rain". So you will be getting a literary rendition. On Wednesday, we had to get a proposal together for a park in Florida, we also had about 10 phone calls to make or recieve that day, needless to say the day kinda sucked, I don't like not being outside. I did do a little pedal behind the house because the rain was coming. Well, the rain arrived Wednesday night, and stayed 'til this morning. Yesterday more paper work tryig to get everything back together from Wednesday. But the real fun was having to go replace the tracks on the machine, they called about the time it was raining cats and dogs and was about 32.5 degrees, so it was rain instead of snow...AWESOME...not. But, got those changed out and am ready to rock and roll this weekend. Today was a long morning meetig with a potential new client. I will spend the rest of the day finishing the paperwork up from this week. Tomorrow we will head back out to the Green's to finish up the switchbacks on section 1 and to get the machine back in the woods and the corridor finished up for contiuing on Monday. Okay so I guess I did post a photo. Credit goes to Jeff Zimmerman, local photog with a hell of an eye. Photo was taken during the TNSR, something I am becoming a BIG fan of. Rider:Adam Winton

Monday, January 18, 2010

Krazy...yeah with a K

Well on Friday we finally got to ride some of the trail, pretty fun. After the weekend rain though it all looks REALLY FUN. Check out this stone switchback on the trail. Yeah it pretty. The retaining wall was built by some of John and Ann's friends, thanks guys. Wait till we build the mirror switchback exactly across the driveway, that will be such a cool gateway to see coming up the road.

We also moved over to what I am calling section 2 today. I am stoked about this area. The weekend rains also helped melt all the snow that was in the rhodo glades, the pictures for the next few weeks might be increadible.

Finally, ALL THE OTHER STUFF...holy crap seems like 2010 is going to be straight NUTTY. I am trying to just breathe and relax, but those of you that know me well know that is pretty hard to do. So, street ride tomorrow night should help. It is amazing how a great manual can help focus your energy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Winter's grip began slipping today, it was a balmy 42 degrees. We had another great day on the hill today 2 switchbacks, pics to come and about 600' of trail roughed in. Here are some photos of trail from the last couple days. Enjoy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to work.

Well, last week was lots of meetings and talking, this week is all WORK ! We started back up on the Pisgah Project. We picked up the machine from Casey at United Rental in South Asheville, great guy. Dropped the machine, had to return the trailer, then we jumped into full blown production, good distance too and one turn! Tomorrow should be a switchback and some more footage. The ground was crazy, some frozen some not, when I was benching it was all good, but when it flattened out to like 10% you were just breaking out big chunks. This will be one of the funnest sections of trail in WNC, I can't wait to put tires to this stuff.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Process

So you have stumbled upon this little Nook of cyberspace and decided you like what you see, you want something awesome to ride your bike on. How do we get this guy in our town. I am going to outline a "typical" project process from conception through completion and enjoyment. This will be from a perspective of a potential community advocate, if you are a land manager, you cut out a bit of the middle man and the process can be a bit easier. If anyone has any questions please get in touch benblitch at gmail dot com.

Man wouldn't it be awesome if...
First, this will take a while. Settle yourself into a three year vision. It can happen faster if the right things are in place, but this is most projects. Start with an idea, you see a picture in a magazine and want that, you ride a cool trail somewhere else in the country and you want that. Take this idea and get in touch with me, we start HERE.

After the what it is time to find the who. Who will also want this, who's land will it be on. This blog has more details about each indiviual type of project and the check list of it. Check out those links or get in touch, we can cater to any need. Okay now you have players for the plan, it's time to find money. This is hugely an individual basis to raise the funds, certain towns will pay for the project, others won't. There are grants, you would also be suprised by how many people will really help just to be nice. You do need money though because you will want a pro. We do this every day and will help streamline the entire process to get you enjoying the product with far less effort.

So you raise the money and have the approvals, we sign into a design/build contract to lock in the dates on the calander. Then, the fun begins. Upon arrival you will know the reality that was riding in your area is about to change. That is what B4 Consulting and Construction Inc. brings to your project. We don't just build a physical element, we infuse your area with passion and creativity, something truly unique.

You get to dig, or not, bake cookies, or not, you do what you want and we help everything happen. By the end of the production, you have a finished product and will be supported through that products lifespan. We present everything from helpful advice about maintenance on the phone, through a full maintenance contract. There ISN'T a reason you can't have what you want in your town. Be patient, but commited and it will happen, the pendulum has swung. Just ask.

Trying to sum it all up.

Funny how moving from one year to the next makes the world reflect in front of you just for a bit. Last year had a few shoulda's and a few of those have shown up to bite back at the beginning of 2010. But, for the most part, things are looking up. Here is a little update on the right now, because that is all you can comment on really. Yesterday was a few errands and a meeting about the Pisgah Project, Today, Jenn is happy and warm at the Dome and I am trying to motivate to get a few more things up on this site. Also, had to work on the truck some, but honestly it feels really good to make things work right sometimes, miss that from the bikeshop days. It has been brutal cold lately so not much riding for me, bought Jenn a bike for Xmas and we have been doing some small ride around the house, but I haven't REALLY ridden in a while. That might be part of things. Tomorrow I head down to CLT for a followup meeting with some folks down there. Thursday dropping BIG trees at mom's, then Friday head back down to Creston to meet with them about a Phase 2 project. See things are doing well. Hope to work on some more company Philosophy stuff tonight too, might be good reading for a while, but photos will be lacking for the rest of the week...sorry folks. Maybe part of 2010, will be a little more reading.