Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trying to sum it all up.

Funny how moving from one year to the next makes the world reflect in front of you just for a bit. Last year had a few shoulda's and a few of those have shown up to bite back at the beginning of 2010. But, for the most part, things are looking up. Here is a little update on the right now, because that is all you can comment on really. Yesterday was a few errands and a meeting about the Pisgah Project, Today, Jenn is happy and warm at the Dome and I am trying to motivate to get a few more things up on this site. Also, had to work on the truck some, but honestly it feels really good to make things work right sometimes, miss that from the bikeshop days. It has been brutal cold lately so not much riding for me, bought Jenn a bike for Xmas and we have been doing some small ride around the house, but I haven't REALLY ridden in a while. That might be part of things. Tomorrow I head down to CLT for a followup meeting with some folks down there. Thursday dropping BIG trees at mom's, then Friday head back down to Creston to meet with them about a Phase 2 project. See things are doing well. Hope to work on some more company Philosophy stuff tonight too, might be good reading for a while, but photos will be lacking for the rest of the week...sorry folks. Maybe part of 2010, will be a little more reading.

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