Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 2 in H'Burg...

Today was spent roaming around Harrisonburg, VA planning the expansion of the pump track at Hillandale park in town. I have tossed in a few choice photos of the work that has been done in the park so far. The track currently has a roughly 1800 sq foot footprint, the goal is to expand that to around 12500 square feet. With a number of options. I am trying to create a real pull to entice the community to really start building around the area. Photos of the finished design should be posted by the end of the weekend and a construction time frame will also be produced.

Here are the photos. One of the trail markers in the park, I really like these. Then a photo of the boys talking on top of the micro spine between the two existing tracks, finally an overview of what the current state of affairs is. Enjoy, now I am off to ride with the locals and see what kinds of skills they have. Hope I don't hit any parked cars.

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