Thursday, August 14, 2008

Possibly MY last Dirty Thursday

Over the last week the club has been transforming into the 09 planning stages and one of those plans is to move couple of new people into leadership roles at Bent Creek, part of them being leaders next year involves giving a certain level of on the job training. Jerud led DT last week and either he or Shaun will be leading the next three DT's. I will be on the road for the time and will begin putting as much information as possible into their hands for a smooth transformation.

On to today's DT, there are three problem tread creep sections on Pine Tree in Bent Creek. One was fixed last week by cutting bench fully in and establishing a full tread construction technique. The second one will be kept as it is and the final one was fixed tonight using a hybrid technique of a rock retaining wall on the low side of the trail and a smooth 24" bench for that section but leaving the technical roots above that. I have asked all the people who worked on the last couple to keep an eye on the three sections and see which one gets the best response and also which one lasts the longest. My opinion? The first answer is the right one. Tread creep is a part of a trail like this and even if you fix one or two sections in a year there are more sections that will need the work and the trail will continue to have a very distinctive feel anyway. Check out last weeks product and then the work from this week.

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