Sunday, October 21, 2007

Any Given Sunday

Wow, last night I went camping down along Yellow Gap with some friends. Then woke up this morning and went to Bent Creek to ride the pumptrack that the neighborhood made a few tweeks on. They removed the berm-roller roller-berm and replaced it with one long berm. Feels pretty good but could use a few tweeks to the bottom berm to make it feel long and tight, bit of a dead spot in it right now. But, while I was there three little girls came rolling up and one of them was PINNING IT! I shot this picture of her charging the berm at the bottom.

Then, went to Kennilworth and finished up the pumptrack in the private backyard. We BBQ'd and it got broken in really nice. As always a few tweeks will be perfect. I am learning these things take an eye and patience to understand it is a dynamic network for the first month or so. I hope to get some more of these on the ground thanks to this track.

Well First thing tommorrow A.M. I am off to Rapid City South Dakota. Gonna hopefully help the local club figure out how to design and get permission for a legal jump park. Wish me the best...I really don't enjoy flying. This also means I will be out of touch for a while....soo maybe have a great story for ya'll when I get back.


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