Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Eve

No real updates for today, I guess or yesterday. Just trying to re-establish myself into the daily grind.

I went up to the Barnardsville project both yesterday and today and finished flagging Phase 2. That is going to be one nutty build. Lots of crazy rock outcroppings and some HUGE oaks. For now I will be doing some finish work and trying to catch up to the machine. The score goes like this. Machine is run by a local guy, old loggin dude. It's a five foot, nine inch wide excavator that has been laying down some good looking trail. But, most of it is only half bench so it will be interesting to see how it seasons. I want to just deroot the tread and leave the backslope a little more rustic. It is for the most part properly sloped, just want to see if the backslope pushes everyone to the outside. If not it should naturalize more quickly still allowing a solid two and a half to three foot sustainable tread. We will see how it goes. I was a bit aprehensive to the size of the excavator at first, but seeing the rock in the next section the extra horse power will be welcome. Friday I will head back up to do finish and get some more photos.

Tommorrow I will be doing mostly office stuff and picking up the key to the Forest Service gates to start looking at the budget for the Green's Lick bulletproofing. I think it is going to be crazy expensive but I hope to get some serious help from SORBA main.

The Photo shows the "hardening" technique on jump landers. I am also thinking some sweet chokes with huge rocks and armoring a few new berms. I think a group of 150 people descending on Bent Creek for a Saturday workday would be AWESOME! Get involved and you can play too.

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