Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween and more....

Halloween, quite possibly one of my favorite holidays going. You get to dress up and get away with debauchery and law breaking that any other night of the year would be harshly forbade.

The night started at Adam and Lela's working on the costume and getting "Wilbur" up to snuff. I had made a quick stop off at SUPER K...duh duh did a duhhhh!!! Where I procured a few of Taiwan's best noisemakers...a stuffed horse and a rifle. Armed with boots, jeans, and a button down super sweet western shirt, I began amassing the outfit. I was a cowboy, "on a steel horse I ride. And I'm Wanted, WANTED! Dead or alllliiiaaiiiive.", Lela was a 60's go go queen, and Adam ,the SOB; he definitely took the cake. Dude was Friggin' Vader man. I mean he nailed it to the nines. No photo yet, but hopefully Lela can hook it up.

Anyway, we all mounted up and pedaled down to the Asheville on Bikes: Pumpkin Peddlar. Where we sprinted up Alexander....OUCH! Then, cruised along to Helen's Bridge. After that, was the bomb back out to Montford to check out the cemetery. Things got a little crazy with 50 or so costumed bikers descending on the streets of Asheville, but a good time was had. Then, down to the Wedge Gallery where the best costumes in town were sure to be spotted. But, that will have to be another story.

Then, today has been relatively chill. But, while online I found two sweet pictures I wanted to share. These guys from Recycles Bike Shop in Greensboro came up and rode at Bent Creek this past weekend and a few choice photos were shot of one of the bridges I worked on along Wolf Branch on National Trails Day last year. I had hoped the bridges would see a little "freeride" use with just how burly and stout they felt. Add a little lip at the beginning and end and you have yourself a miniature trail side "funbox." Don't know what a fun box is? They exist in skate parks, why not in the woods. Well, Merritt White, rode the first bridge the way god a manual, both nose and standard, mind you and the photos of it were just too good to pass on. So I present the fun you can have on a "lame" trail bridge.

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