Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday, get much more boring?

Today as well as yesterday have been fairly low key. Yesterday I was up in Barnardsville working on finishing the handwork behind the excavator and had a very successful day. Did 1000 feet of finish in about three hours. I am finishing this trail at about a level three of ten, I am doing it for budget as well as to see just what happens at that level. Will the backslope fail? Will cascading water eat the trail? So far it is breaking in rather nice. I have actually been suprised as to how well it is coming along. We have gotten just enough rain at the right times. We shall see.

Today I went back up to Barntown in the morning then stopped by to see the boys at the shop. I have been working on a few things for PAS and have spent most of the afternoon on that. We have a huge National Trails Day project I am heading up trying to figure out how to coordinate. We also need to figure out our tools for next year so I have been working on a spreadsheet for that. But, for now I just wanted to add a nice little update to my day.

Tommorrow it is I9 to look at building some dirt jumps and a pumptrack for those boys. In the afternoon I may try and get the bikes in tip top shape and spin around a bit.

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