Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dupont kinda weekend....

Well, what a great weekend. I went down to Dupont to work with Woody Keen and P.A.S. on the Big Rock trail. It was an outstanding workday. We had probably 30 people show up and we knocked out a really nice reroute, as well as a bit of basin and rise road-to-trail conversion. I led a crew with Valerie Naylor on the reroute; while Woody led a crew on the upper road-to-trail. Everyone did an awesome job. I was really impressed with how our group worked together and I met a few people with an amazing eye for trail work. We had a tricky turn on a rock slab that was not really wanting to come together. However, working as a team we all were able to come up with what I think was the best solution. The pictures are of the rock turn, the closed and reclaimed trail, and a berm with a drain in it. These features all added up to an extra fun section on an already ripping section of trail.

Today was a lot of fun as well I worked my way over to the barn in Dupont today to meet up with everyone from yesterdays workday and we all hit up a great ride in Dupont. We stayed out for about four and a half hours of pedalin' heaven. This is the only chance I have had to ride in Dupont all year and I always forget just how fun it is to ride. Berm, jump, berm, pump, Braaaaappppp, berm, hip, rail.....yikes tree....snap, berm, GO GO......oh so much fun.

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