Monday, March 31, 2008

Proper appropriation of FUNds...

This was a fantastic weekend and it is all because I had the right tools and toys to really lead some folks in a great trail work training weekend. This past Saturday and Sunday saw a rowdy bunch of folks step forward for training to be crew leaders for National Trails Day. I had a great attendance both days even though the weather wasn't the most cooperative.

Saturday began with a bit of rain, well maybe a bit more than a bit, I think that means a lot. Anyhow, people rolled in as if called by a divine power at one unanimous moment. Like the scene from "Swingers" they pulled into the lot and their respective parking spaces in unison. It was really a great way to start the weekend. We moved our way up Wolf Branch and began working on the learning process. It was great to see such a mix of enthusiasm and skill. My folks both days we incredible. Here are some photos of the finished sections on Saturday.

Sunday was the day that rocked, well they both did, but Sunday we actually did rock work. Get it? Ah, whatever. So the rock folks all showed up a bit early and off we went to collecting heavy objects and sticking them into the ground. I am going to save people the technical details of how we wnt about doing things. Just ride and enjoy.



I feel a little short on brain power today and am going to take it easy, I may hit a road ride later, hopefully in the rain. There is something about the Flemish style road ride that really makes it feel like Spring has sprung. I hope everyone enjoys their Monday.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bob Marley on a Sunny Friday....

Ah, life and music, what a wonderful combination.

Yesterday was stellar, I got a lot done on the I9 track and jumps, but they need water bad. I will head back out there towards the end of next week. Here is a photo of both a jump and the s turn in the track. Notice the tire marks peeling off to the side of the jump. When you botch a jump line these begin to happen. It is one of the primary reasons I like the stand alone jump line. But, hey there are good reasons for both stand alone and integrated jump lines. The S turn is built partially into the
beginner jump line this track will be wicked fun once done.

Then in the after noon I met up with a few of the Biowheels folks for an hour of prep and trail maintenance getting ready for this weekends trainings.

Thanks Eli, Shaun, and Kris.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pumptracks and Bent Creek

Today is I9 day. I will be working the pumptrack hard there to try and get as much done as possible.

Yesterday I was up in Barntown for a while, but had to come into town to meet up with Woody Keen and talk about some local and national issues pertaining to the trails world. When I got home, however I was Jonesin' some riding, this new place makes it darn near impossible NOT to ride every day. You think you need the day off, but the trails are right there.

This weekend is the training for my crew leaders on Wolf Branch, it should be a good couple of days.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barntown and I9...

What a week already. I won't be throwing any pictures up today just gonna tell a little about the last couple of days.

Yesterday started off with a little bummer, then I went up to Barntown and worked a bit on the finished machine work and checking out some areas that will definitely need a bit of attention soon. After that I headed back into town to get in a ride.

I went and did a spin out of the house into Bent Creek and had a blast. The ability to do a fun solo loop right out of the house is certainly the coolest thing I have ever had at my disposal. I am out the door and on a fun rippin' little decent in seconds. I rode for about 1:30 and then headed back in the house for some computer work before meeting up with Stephen Janes and his wife and kid to wonder around on Laurel Branch road to look at the parking situation for National Trails Day.

Today it is back up to Barntown, then tomorrow I9. For those of you that know me today is also the one year anniversary of "the accident" pretty crazy how things change in an instant. I hope everyones day goes well.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and after.....

The above photo is from my mom's deck. This place is home to me. Easter presents the opportunity to go home and spend time with family and chill as spring is beginning to...well...SPRING! Yesterday was beautiful in our parts, 60 plus degrees and sunny as can be. I spent the morning riding my bicycle in the woods, it was goooooood. The new house allows me to barely touch pavement and be on sweet singletrack in a matter of seconds. LITERALLY. Then, I headed up to my mom's for some good old fashioned family time.

Today, well, today was I9 pumptrack time. I will post some photos Thursday or Friday. I finished moving dirt and dialed the beginner DJ line. It looks like it will come together well. Enjoy your day and know that regardless of where you are, there are mountains and woods calling your name...come play.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A day off...

Ah, today I am spent. I think I will be chilling out hard. I moved last week, then had meetings that lasted into the evening every day after. So, I am feeling a bit displaced. Next week sees me at I9 working on the pumptrack, then I think I will be spending a good chunk of time back up in Barnardsville.

Below are a few photos of yesterdays yard work with Gary. Just some photos thats all.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Industry 9 Pumptrack ....

Okay, freeze-thaw has finally begun to slow down and the soils around here are much more workable. So, the first pumptrack project of the year has begun. I worked with the boys at Industry 9 back in the fall to begin a pumptrack, but a few logistical hitches meant it was not to happen until this time in the year. But, yesterday things were primed. The above photo is after using the bobcat to grade and clear the lot for a pumptrack and dirt jumps. The below photo is of the design on the ground. I spent a solid day working on the design and getting about 3/4 of the dirt moved for things.

Above is the dirt in place for now. More will be added next week and shaping will begin, I am really excited about this track and have again tried to split it into a few different components to allow for multiple people on it simultaneously. Look for an update Monday if the weather holds.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work getting cranked up...

Okay, no pictures on this one just a quick update to label my state of being in the world right now. I have been out of contact with the interwebby for the last week because I have been in the middle of moving into the Bent Creek neighborhood. I live in a house where I don't have to touch pavement on my way to singletrack. I simply can roll out the back yard through the park and into Bent Creek, it is really a fantastic set up. Today things start to stabilize again and I am heading to Industry9 to start on their pumptrack and dirt jumps. It should be a good day. Hopefully I can get some photos up in the morning and a quick update on the other projects coming down the pipe in the next few months.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Been a while.....sorry.

Things have been a bit nuts for me as of late, but there is a big move coming up this weekend, so hopefully that will help things gel and solidify a little better. For now I bring you a hump day photo spread of the last couple of days on the hill.

First, here is a rock section before and after blasting through. This section was certainly a trick, did some interesting rock armoring using smaller (50lb) stones but key-stoning them tight. So far so good.

Next is an artsy show of "natureshapes". TSP ain't got S*^@ on me. If you don't know what I mean check this out.

Finally, a glimpse into the future. This is the next section of rocks I will be rolling into. It should get attacked today, wish me luck as this area is certainly VA style loose rock piles.

For now back to the computer to "work".

Friday, March 7, 2008

A hiatus of sorts....

- suspension: an interruption in the intensity or amount of something
- a missing piece (as a gap in a manuscript)
- foramen: a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure

This week has seen all of the definitions of a hiatus for me. I have kept working but up until yesterday really I put things on hold in a lot of ways. I had a crazy intense riding weekend, put in a total of 11 hours on the bike in two days all in Pisgah. It was great but wrecked my body. So I took a bit of time off the bike until yesterday. Yesterday was a simple spin around Bent Creek, just needed to blow out the legs and today I will stretch intensely. I also took a break from the web thing for a bit. I thought some reflection time might be in order, but ironically i took a break from reflection time as well.

-A missing piece- for those that know me you all know things have been a bit haywire in the last month, but hopefully that missing piece will be cured in the coming weeks and I will feel the warmth of home again.

The natural opening, this is more of a comic relief for everyone. I don't know how well the photo really shows it, but I took a shot to the head working up in Barntown this week. I was removing a cut tree from the trail corridor and well I hit myself in the head with it. Yeah I pulled it right into my head and "whap", instant headache. Chuckle all you want, but remember KARMA...