Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barntown and I9...

What a week already. I won't be throwing any pictures up today just gonna tell a little about the last couple of days.

Yesterday started off with a little bummer, then I went up to Barntown and worked a bit on the finished machine work and checking out some areas that will definitely need a bit of attention soon. After that I headed back into town to get in a ride.

I went and did a spin out of the house into Bent Creek and had a blast. The ability to do a fun solo loop right out of the house is certainly the coolest thing I have ever had at my disposal. I am out the door and on a fun rippin' little decent in seconds. I rode for about 1:30 and then headed back in the house for some computer work before meeting up with Stephen Janes and his wife and kid to wonder around on Laurel Branch road to look at the parking situation for National Trails Day.

Today it is back up to Barntown, then tomorrow I9. For those of you that know me today is also the one year anniversary of "the accident" pretty crazy how things change in an instant. I hope everyones day goes well.

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