Friday, March 21, 2008

Industry 9 Pumptrack ....

Okay, freeze-thaw has finally begun to slow down and the soils around here are much more workable. So, the first pumptrack project of the year has begun. I worked with the boys at Industry 9 back in the fall to begin a pumptrack, but a few logistical hitches meant it was not to happen until this time in the year. But, yesterday things were primed. The above photo is after using the bobcat to grade and clear the lot for a pumptrack and dirt jumps. The below photo is of the design on the ground. I spent a solid day working on the design and getting about 3/4 of the dirt moved for things.

Above is the dirt in place for now. More will be added next week and shaping will begin, I am really excited about this track and have again tried to split it into a few different components to allow for multiple people on it simultaneously. Look for an update Monday if the weather holds.

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