Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and after.....

The above photo is from my mom's deck. This place is home to me. Easter presents the opportunity to go home and spend time with family and chill as spring is beginning to...well...SPRING! Yesterday was beautiful in our parts, 60 plus degrees and sunny as can be. I spent the morning riding my bicycle in the woods, it was goooooood. The new house allows me to barely touch pavement and be on sweet singletrack in a matter of seconds. LITERALLY. Then, I headed up to my mom's for some good old fashioned family time.

Today, well, today was I9 pumptrack time. I will post some photos Thursday or Friday. I finished moving dirt and dialed the beginner DJ line. It looks like it will come together well. Enjoy your day and know that regardless of where you are, there are mountains and woods calling your name...come play.

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