Monday, March 31, 2008

Proper appropriation of FUNds...

This was a fantastic weekend and it is all because I had the right tools and toys to really lead some folks in a great trail work training weekend. This past Saturday and Sunday saw a rowdy bunch of folks step forward for training to be crew leaders for National Trails Day. I had a great attendance both days even though the weather wasn't the most cooperative.

Saturday began with a bit of rain, well maybe a bit more than a bit, I think that means a lot. Anyhow, people rolled in as if called by a divine power at one unanimous moment. Like the scene from "Swingers" they pulled into the lot and their respective parking spaces in unison. It was really a great way to start the weekend. We moved our way up Wolf Branch and began working on the learning process. It was great to see such a mix of enthusiasm and skill. My folks both days we incredible. Here are some photos of the finished sections on Saturday.

Sunday was the day that rocked, well they both did, but Sunday we actually did rock work. Get it? Ah, whatever. So the rock folks all showed up a bit early and off we went to collecting heavy objects and sticking them into the ground. I am going to save people the technical details of how we wnt about doing things. Just ride and enjoy.



I feel a little short on brain power today and am going to take it easy, I may hit a road ride later, hopefully in the rain. There is something about the Flemish style road ride that really makes it feel like Spring has sprung. I hope everyone enjoys their Monday.

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