Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moab...OH YEAH!!

The place rocks, I didn't quite have the time I wanted in this amazing place, but make no mistake, this crew will return. The photos below are from "the Slickrock Trail". Interestingly enough, it was actually a motohead in 1969 that went through all the tape to get this trail "built". Kinda cool, but man those guys are nuts.

Now we are hanging out South of Salida, CO doing some climbing and riding, both moto and pedal bike, should be a fun nine days.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gooseberry Getaway !

What do people do after Interbike? Take a vacation of course. Conveniently located on the way from Vegas to Penatente, CO is Gooseberry Mesa. What a drive to get in to the trails. We camped, drank and rode. Here are a few photos of the weekend. Now we are in Moab for a day of errands, then off to the Canyon for a week plus of climbing and office work.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interbike...simple as that.

Well, I am relaxing after my last day at "the show". Above is a photo of the frenzy about to unleash on day one. I was lucky enough to get an exhibitor pass and was able to snap this sweet photo from "in" the show. This is what a mob looks like at nine am before ravaging the industry.

So what is it like? Man, crazy to say the least. I spent two straight days trying to convince the manufacturers that what is a good actually a good idea. It's like the quire speaks Spanish and the preacher speaks Russian. However, we all speak BIKE. Check out this homage to the true old school below. Thank you creativity.

Then, what do you do at the end of the day? Go to "the strip" of course. And I got to see the fountain at the B, which was super high on my while in Vegas list. Next we head to CO to do a bit of riding and follow up with the umpteenmillion contacts I made this week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegas Day 2...Orientation and Outdoor Demo

The goal today was to learn the system. I have never been to either Vegas or Interbike. 14 years in the Industry and this is the first trip...and this place is certainly a TRIP!! Above is a photo of the Outdoor Demo, which was good, but definitely not for me. Crazy packed trails and bikes that I really should leave for shop owners to ride. The trip is paying off for next year already.

The photo below is of the line waiting to get to the demo. I showed up this morning to see this and found my boyz...BIG THANKS TO CANE know who you are. We jumped in the truck and off we jetted getting to the demo.

Now that I am oriented tomorrow is down to hard working trying to find sponsors for projects and the company. I hope to talk to the right people and be in the mindset to get the right things done. Folks...please wish me luck. I think I need it this time around, feels a bit David and Goliath.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vegas and the Death Valley Curse

Man, Death Valley is HHHOOOTTTTT!!!! Why? Check this out. It really is too. On our way from So Cal to Vegas we drove through the valley and sure enough, she blew. We lost an o ring that fits in between the dip stick tube and oil pan on the truck. 4 Quarts of oil gone like a flash, good thing the truck holds 15 quarts! However, we did make it to Vegas. Upon much research on Diesel Stop and a Powerstroke Diesel forum we figured out the fix. No biggy if you have a shop. But alas we are on the road indeed and a hotel parking lot is nowhere to get 15 quarts of oil spilled in, for both laziness and ecological reasons. So, off to the shop for 200 dollars in repair on a 4 dollar o ring, we need a bigger trailer so I can carry more tools. Now I just am trying to relax and enjoy Vegas. All 100 degrees of it. Tomorrow I will be heading to the Dirt Demo and hopefully get to meet some nice folks in nicer weather.

Below is a video from a pretty interesting mechanic on the ins and outs of PSD leaks. If you can't tell I am a bit of a wrenching geek.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Design/Build Benefits

Over the last few months we have been traveling the continent and reviewing on-the-ground, case-studies of operational bike parks and clandestine facilities alike. With a back ground in many industries, I find that we are forging new territory by creating a bike park construction industry from the ground up. Much like the life span of constructing a park you should first establish what the needs are. In the recent years fiscal responsibility has moved to the forefront and a municipal bike park project is no different. It is through all of this experience and the needs of financial efficiency that the design/build concept really shines.

Off-road bicycle facilities that truly excel contain elements of aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, and experiential art. It is truly an endeavor that balances form and function. When a facility truly stands out it has a level of continuity and a level of detail unmatched by less unique amenities. This continuity is delivered through a unified vision and execution process, the core value of design/build procurement.

By qualifying and hiring the proper design/build team on a project, clients are able to achieve a number of benefits including cost savings, construction efficiency and an artistic community asset that is sure to please both the users and spectators. B4 Consulting and Construction Inc. is uniquely qualified for this type of project with a background in engineering, art and home building.

A specialty project like a bike park should not be left to less passionate design firms that do not understand the nuances of building the individual features and should certainly not be interpreted by a General Contractor based upon CAD style drawings. Having a true artist that understands the reality of the construction ahead; insures the ultimate product and the design/build model ensures efficiency and a better overall project value.

Take some examples from the skate park industry: (

“There are a couple of design/build teams that insist upon the freedom to make any modifications they desire while the park is under construction. These skateparks undergo a dynamic, almost organic process while the park is being built. This design approach works because these teams have a high level of experience both as skaters and as park builders and demonstrate a meticulous attention to detail. The result is some of the best skateparks in the world.”

With the benefits of a qualified design/build team coupled with the lower general costs of a bike park project compared to a more materials intensive project like a skatepark or playground, building bike parks in communities is truly a priceless amenity to invest in.



An $800,000 park in San Jose, Cali. Yeah $800K.

Pleasanton, CA has one too.

They both look pretty nice for piles of dirt. The question is "how do we take it to the next level?" Oh, Oh I know call on me teach!......Please!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, I forgot the camera back at the campsite, but I think I can link to enough stuff to make this one interesting.

We are in a cool little community in San Diego County in So Cal hanging out for a few days and getting ready for Interbike. Things are great, we are staying right at the shore and get to listen to the waves crashing as we fall asleep during the night.

It was a good week leading up to this little workation as well. We started out in Moraga hanging out with granpa and having a very good time, then headed up to Folsom to ride their little park. I stacked it on a step-up, step-down in the beginner line and tweaked my shoulder a bit, but hey comes with the terrain right? The feature may need a little love, but who am I to judge.

Then, we headed over and did a fun little ride with Randy in Auburn and I had a crazy tire slice incident, maybe I should have stayed in bed that day. The next morning we woke up and went to Fresno to check out the bike park there. AWESOME!!! That place has it all. Hilride did a Progression park for them, then there is the best looking BMX track I have ever seen and finally, they have real diggers, building sick DJ trails. If you don't know...go.

Now we are just sitting here in Southern Cali hanging out and enjoying ourselves for a couple days. Hope to get some goo stuff up from Interbike, so keep an eye on the prize.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, we find ourselves in Moraga, CA visiting my grandpa and hearing great stories for the weekend, so here is a recap of the last couple days. First, we saw the largest wooden building in the US. An old abandoned blimp hanger in Tillamok, OR. Crazy story about how this things was built...I love our history of WWII.

Then, we went and saw the largest aircraft that has ever flown, also just happens to be made of wood, in McMinville, OR. DO we see a theme here. Bonus points if you know what the "Spruce Goose" was actually made from...Jeopardy Time.

Then, I rode Black Rock...the cheese grader is AWESOME. Where are all of the cool pictures of the crazy ladders and stuff? Well, this stuff was too fun to ride to stop and "shoot". Funny how the wood thing kept going for these couple days in central Oregon.

Finally, Ashland was a bit of a let down. I went to ride the stuff on the mountain, but the local shop turned me off. So, we went to the bar and found the local dirt jumps. They were fun for a minute, but were right next to the sewage treatment plant. Bonus points however because the best dog park I have ever seen was also right next to them. Otie was STOKED!

Well, for now it is gonna be a lot of R and R with some office work getting ready for San Diego and Las Vegas. Hope to see some of you there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, we left Hood River with no real agenda for the day. We are heading to Black Rock in Salem, but had a day to kill. Soooooo, we went to the coast, of course. And I can tell you in all truth it doesn't get any better than this.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mac River to Hood River.

The above photos are from a most excellent ride on the McKenzie River Trail.

Sorry for no photos from today's ride, but it was a little cold and a lot wet, you know when you get caught out in the rain. We dropped into Hood River yesterday and made the rounds at Full Sail, Passport, and Horsefeathers. This is a cool little town. Thanks to Chris and Jill for the hospitality. Over the next couple days we will probably hang here and then make our way south into Cali and then NV for Interbike.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ben...Boise to Bend...or Bust (B4)

We left Jackson...(tear) and headed to Boise to hang out and do some riding at the local park. Our opening shot is from the trail up to Lithium, oh man what a fun day.
I borrowed a Nomad, thanks Harlan

Boise Jumps were just right.

Now we are in Bend and hanging out at Smith Rocks, I climbed today, YIKES. But then went for a sweet spin including Old Dirty Pirates. Below is the waterfall surprise. We will be here for at least the rest of the week, then, who knows. This whole being on the road thing is fun and SUPER INSPIRING. Can't wait for the next project.