Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, we find ourselves in Moraga, CA visiting my grandpa and hearing great stories for the weekend, so here is a recap of the last couple days. First, we saw the largest wooden building in the US. An old abandoned blimp hanger in Tillamok, OR. Crazy story about how this things was built...I love our history of WWII.

Then, we went and saw the largest aircraft that has ever flown, also just happens to be made of wood, in McMinville, OR. DO we see a theme here. Bonus points if you know what the "Spruce Goose" was actually made from...Jeopardy Time.

Then, I rode Black Rock...the cheese grader is AWESOME. Where are all of the cool pictures of the crazy ladders and stuff? Well, this stuff was too fun to ride to stop and "shoot". Funny how the wood thing kept going for these couple days in central Oregon.

Finally, Ashland was a bit of a let down. I went to ride the stuff on the mountain, but the local shop turned me off. So, we went to the bar and found the local dirt jumps. They were fun for a minute, but were right next to the sewage treatment plant. Bonus points however because the best dog park I have ever seen was also right next to them. Otie was STOKED!

Well, for now it is gonna be a lot of R and R with some office work getting ready for San Diego and Las Vegas. Hope to see some of you there.

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