Monday, September 21, 2009

Vegas and the Death Valley Curse

Man, Death Valley is HHHOOOTTTTT!!!! Why? Check this out. It really is too. On our way from So Cal to Vegas we drove through the valley and sure enough, she blew. We lost an o ring that fits in between the dip stick tube and oil pan on the truck. 4 Quarts of oil gone like a flash, good thing the truck holds 15 quarts! However, we did make it to Vegas. Upon much research on Diesel Stop and a Powerstroke Diesel forum we figured out the fix. No biggy if you have a shop. But alas we are on the road indeed and a hotel parking lot is nowhere to get 15 quarts of oil spilled in, for both laziness and ecological reasons. So, off to the shop for 200 dollars in repair on a 4 dollar o ring, we need a bigger trailer so I can carry more tools. Now I just am trying to relax and enjoy Vegas. All 100 degrees of it. Tomorrow I will be heading to the Dirt Demo and hopefully get to meet some nice folks in nicer weather.

Below is a video from a pretty interesting mechanic on the ins and outs of PSD leaks. If you can't tell I am a bit of a wrenching geek.

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