Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, I forgot the camera back at the campsite, but I think I can link to enough stuff to make this one interesting.

We are in a cool little community in San Diego County in So Cal hanging out for a few days and getting ready for Interbike. Things are great, we are staying right at the shore and get to listen to the waves crashing as we fall asleep during the night.

It was a good week leading up to this little workation as well. We started out in Moraga hanging out with granpa and having a very good time, then headed up to Folsom to ride their little park. I stacked it on a step-up, step-down in the beginner line and tweaked my shoulder a bit, but hey comes with the terrain right? The feature may need a little love, but who am I to judge.

Then, we headed over and did a fun little ride with Randy in Auburn and I had a crazy tire slice incident, maybe I should have stayed in bed that day. The next morning we woke up and went to Fresno to check out the bike park there. AWESOME!!! That place has it all. Hilride did a Progression park for them, then there is the best looking BMX track I have ever seen and finally, they have real diggers, building sick DJ trails. If you don't know...go.

Now we are just sitting here in Southern Cali hanging out and enjoying ourselves for a couple days. Hope to get some goo stuff up from Interbike, so keep an eye on the prize.

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