Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wrapped....NEXT !

We is be dun y'all. This was a great project. We got to work in a beautiful area of the country while building really fun trail, that was really boring old road bed. We now head South to get things wrapped up in the South East before making the journey to the Lost Coast of Cali to work on a project with IMBA and the BLM, STOKED !! So where are we headed and what all do we need to do? First, is the race here in Harrisonburg for the HooHa, they will be doing the Super D and a really cool looking Short Track today, then XC tomorrow. Next, we head to Douthat and Mount Rogers to do some riding and to work on some proposals and maps, office days with fishing and riding involved...good life. Then, we head down to NC to get the truck dialed and ride in Pisgah a bit, before it gets changed for the "who knows" forever. Then, we head down to Florida to work on a design for a bike park in a new Florida State Recreation area. After that we will probably head over to St. Augustine to go from coast to coast during our drive. Where will we stop on the journey across the country? Don't know yet...have a project you want us to look at and you are within striking distance of a route between FL and CA, hollar at me. Email is on the right up there and phone number is on the Facebook page. Until then, Summer is upon us...get out there and enjoy it !

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