Sunday, January 25, 2009

PAS Mechanized Training...

First off let me say how nice it is to work with the local folks that know their stuff out of the box. It is always a pleasure ya'll and I can't wait to ride the fruits of your imaginations and hard work.

This weekend I led a Pisgah Area SORBA mechanized trail building training using a bobcat mini excavator. The goals of the weekend were two fold. First, teach the local advocates and trail builders responsible, safe operation of a mini-x to build trail. The second goal was to encourage and excite these same folks about a new project for the club. This particular project was the new Richmond Hill trail system. It is actually a revisit for me, as I worked on the trails back in the late 90's while attending UNCA just across the river.

Saturday was an introduction to the machine for most of the eleven folks who showed up. We worked in the flat confines of the mulch field by the parking lot before getting into the woods and doing a little benching with both the machine and some by hand to allow people to contrast the amount of work, and the level of efficiency that could be achieved. Then, Sunday we just continued the work and produced trail that was 100% as a demonstration for the city of Asheville folks to be able to review and critique. I think they will be blown away.

Their will be a large workday for all locally interested parties on the 7th of Feb. if around, you should go. Here are a few photos of people hard at work and of some of the end results...again, thanks to everyone for a great weekend.

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Butch Greene said...

Geez, I'm so out of the loop. I would have killed to go. I'm sorry that I missed it!!