Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great night ride and computer check up...

I love this photo in that it encapsulates three things that I have been up to. A night ride, a nearly full moon, and the I-5 project.

I went on an awesome night ride in a nearly empty Bent Creek and enjoyed pedaling back my sanity after sitting in front of this hunk of circuits and bright lights. The moon will be full this weekend and I can't wait for the first one of the new year, cycles are fun to watch as much as ride.

Finally, I will be away from this thing for the next couple days as I will leave it with someone better equipped with computer knowledge than me to give it a little one year tune up. While it is "in the shop" I will be headed to Chatanooga to look at a potential "Collonade-esque" project.

I hope everyon enjoys the skies on Saturday night and pedal in the basking glow of our lunar neighbor if you get the chance.

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