Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Process

So you have stumbled upon this little Nook of cyberspace and decided you like what you see, you want something awesome to ride your bike on. How do we get this guy in our town. I am going to outline a "typical" project process from conception through completion and enjoyment. This will be from a perspective of a potential community advocate, if you are a land manager, you cut out a bit of the middle man and the process can be a bit easier. If anyone has any questions please get in touch benblitch at gmail dot com.

Man wouldn't it be awesome if...
First, this will take a while. Settle yourself into a three year vision. It can happen faster if the right things are in place, but this is most projects. Start with an idea, you see a picture in a magazine and want that, you ride a cool trail somewhere else in the country and you want that. Take this idea and get in touch with me, we start HERE.

After the what it is time to find the who. Who will also want this, who's land will it be on. This blog has more details about each indiviual type of project and the check list of it. Check out those links or get in touch, we can cater to any need. Okay now you have players for the plan, it's time to find money. This is hugely an individual basis to raise the funds, certain towns will pay for the project, others won't. There are grants, you would also be suprised by how many people will really help just to be nice. You do need money though because you will want a pro. We do this every day and will help streamline the entire process to get you enjoying the product with far less effort.

So you raise the money and have the approvals, we sign into a design/build contract to lock in the dates on the calander. Then, the fun begins. Upon arrival you will know the reality that was riding in your area is about to change. That is what B4 Consulting and Construction Inc. brings to your project. We don't just build a physical element, we infuse your area with passion and creativity, something truly unique.

You get to dig, or not, bake cookies, or not, you do what you want and we help everything happen. By the end of the production, you have a finished product and will be supported through that products lifespan. We present everything from helpful advice about maintenance on the phone, through a full maintenance contract. There ISN'T a reason you can't have what you want in your town. Be patient, but commited and it will happen, the pendulum has swung. Just ask.

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