Monday, January 18, 2010

Krazy...yeah with a K

Well on Friday we finally got to ride some of the trail, pretty fun. After the weekend rain though it all looks REALLY FUN. Check out this stone switchback on the trail. Yeah it pretty. The retaining wall was built by some of John and Ann's friends, thanks guys. Wait till we build the mirror switchback exactly across the driveway, that will be such a cool gateway to see coming up the road.

We also moved over to what I am calling section 2 today. I am stoked about this area. The weekend rains also helped melt all the snow that was in the rhodo glades, the pictures for the next few weeks might be increadible.

Finally, ALL THE OTHER STUFF...holy crap seems like 2010 is going to be straight NUTTY. I am trying to just breathe and relax, but those of you that know me well know that is pretty hard to do. So, street ride tomorrow night should help. It is amazing how a great manual can help focus your energy.

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brado1 said...

K Nutty! that trail looks great!