Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain and ready for tomorrow

Well, sorry for no pics with the post, but have been either busy in front of the word machine or have been out in rain, "camera-no-like-rain". So you will be getting a literary rendition. On Wednesday, we had to get a proposal together for a park in Florida, we also had about 10 phone calls to make or recieve that day, needless to say the day kinda sucked, I don't like not being outside. I did do a little pedal behind the house because the rain was coming. Well, the rain arrived Wednesday night, and stayed 'til this morning. Yesterday more paper work tryig to get everything back together from Wednesday. But the real fun was having to go replace the tracks on the machine, they called about the time it was raining cats and dogs and was about 32.5 degrees, so it was rain instead of snow...AWESOME...not. But, got those changed out and am ready to rock and roll this weekend. Today was a long morning meetig with a potential new client. I will spend the rest of the day finishing the paperwork up from this week. Tomorrow we will head back out to the Green's to finish up the switchbacks on section 1 and to get the machine back in the woods and the corridor finished up for contiuing on Monday. Okay so I guess I did post a photo. Credit goes to Jeff Zimmerman, local photog with a hell of an eye. Photo was taken during the TNSR, something I am becoming a BIG fan of. Rider:Adam Winton

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