Thursday, February 26, 2009

Corridor Borridor...OR SWAMPIN'

I have found an interesting anomaly in the world of the interwebby. Let us begin from the beginning. I have set out to tell of the week at Creston clearing corridor with the on site maintenance dude and three amigos swamping...Define: swamping...well there doesn't really seem to be a good definition:

Okay so maybe I don't know how to spell it or SOMETHING...nope

So without further ado, the gear every trail builder/lumberjack should have and a few photos of the boys SWAMPIN'

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little work on the ol' hosienda...

Today we went full steam on the trailer. We finished the couch and the mounting system and also put on the jacks for support on the back of the trailer to keep it from lifting while loading the moto. Finally we got curtains mounted on the truck to sleep in it tonight during Bike Love, I am stoked. Things are really starting to shape up now it is a matter of getting all my stuff organized and into the space I have to work with.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today rocked....

I finished the rough flag line at Creston today and the bottom section was some of the BURLIEST trail I have ever flagged. It will easily be 50,000 plus worth of trail even with rustic bridges. The upper sections were fairly straight forward, the burn area was a bit eerie but then I got into some really nice laurel thickets and felt much more at ease. This weekend brings Bike Love, then next week I will be back at it in Black Mountain. Happy weekend to everyone.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great day in the offices...all three

Well today was very nice. I spent the morning out in the field working on the project in Black Mountain. The design came together nicely as I found loads of old narrow roadbeds to hit that followed the contour nicely. I must say building hiking only trail is nice too because you can push some envelopes not possible in a multi-use system. With that coming together nicely I was able to head back to the house to help Jenn finish up the 08 tax information for the accountant.

That was the second office of the day and finally construction has begun on the mobile office. We completed the couch today and the desk will be next. I love these kinds of projects. Especially with the knowledge that in time I will be tweaking on it to get things ..j..uu...sss....t right.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Survey the scene...

Here is a day on the survey...I love alliteration.

A little tip out there for folks in the "want to know" the way Outkast this the shizzy.

For those in the know when you are wanting to do a bit of preemptive scouting layout pull down hearty hardwoods and tie the flags high. Just the salt from your skin will have deer munching on the flags and when you come back a few months later looking you ain't gonna find the flags. Also, tie them on ridges and in valleys instead of like every "blah,blah,blah" feet. This way you can always know where the "line" is.

Okay enough babble for tonight.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Creston First Day

Ah, the Creston project. This is an interesting one. I will be working with the community to create a trail system in the southern section of the development. My job is to try and flag about two miles of trail in a handful of days. Then, I will work with their on site maintenance staff to clear the corridor, finally I will again train and work with their staff to build for a couple days, that leaves them with the brunt of the labor to finish the build. Here are a few choice photos from the day.

Today was great on a number of levels. I was back in the woods working on design and trying to figure out cruxes in tight always you only call in the troops when you are loosing the battle. But, it is so fun to push my mind to create creative solutions. In the office I had help today which made the day in the woods that much better, the office support is relieving me more than I think I imagined. Thanks babe.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Moving On...

Well this has been the banner week of 2009. Today we completed the truck. The final steps may come some time with an installation of industrial carpet to finish it off. But, we will have to find the right carpet for the right price. Today was sealing the cap and finishing the storage area.

Here is an outside view of the truck. It is a sleeper on many levels. Notice the trailer in the background? That is the next infrastructure building project. That is to become the mobile office and moto-tote.

Finally, I secured the first contract of 2009 with work at the Creston Community. These guys have developed an awesome community and I am stoked to get to be involved. We will be working on creating a trail system on the southern side of the community to compliment the intense trails that work through the coves and crannies of the northern edge of the community. This next week should present some truely spectacular photos. This one is of the community swing overlooking the back side of Rumbling Bald and the foothills below Hickory Nut Gorge.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little bit of what I've been up to.

Those of you that have been checking up regularly on the blog know I have a new toy, it is also going to be the daily driver in the very near future as we set out on the road. You also know I have been in the process of converting the back of the truck into a living quarters and I have been working on "drying" in and finishing the area. These photos tell the story of the last couple days.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day so I have a ton of paperwork to do to get ready for another meeting with the accountant and a few more proposals and contracts to draw up. This time of year always seems to make me infinitely nervous. I think things will work out, but until I am busy working on a project I will be sweating the details leading into it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new home, and a little help.

To all of you waking up and checking out the blog on a Monday, what an absolutely AWESOME weekend. We got most of the new living quarters in the truck done, just a few pieces of strategically placed cedar, a few doors and latches and we will be ready for the road. Total cost around $200. Check out the photo from the test run. We spent Saturday night in Pisgah at TMHTE, 36 hours of adventure racing bliss, those people are inhuman. Amazing.

Finally, if you can find some time to blast an email to the two gentlemen in the article below it would be much appreciated, as this will directly effect my ability to make it around to some of you this year. I look forward to getting on the road in a couple months, for now it is all about getting things in line. Taxes, jobs and gear. Enjoy the week.

Friday, February 6, 2009

New home building....

The day started well. We went to an accountant and began working on tax stuff as well as planning for the new year. The day ended event better. Working on the new house. I looked for a long time at buying an RV to tow behind the truck, but continued to note how flimsy and cheap all of them seemed. So I did more research and discovered a number of folks who really decked out a living compartment in the back of a truck. Well I have a truck with a great possibility in it and have begun building it out. Today was foundation and tomorrow will be finish. I will detail it next week. For now the goal was conservation of space to fit 10 Rubbermade containers into the rear of the truck for storage as well as creating storage for cooking and bedding gear. Enjoy the photos and if you get a chance to see the truck I hope it is a representation of American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inventory Reduction

My on road steed is for sale on ebay. Check her out and know the purchase of this beautiful ride will contribute to my travels and the expansion of fun on two wheels. So if you think about it, this really is a win-win. She is a wonderful steed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

That kind of day...

Well, I am back from a little family visit in Indy and am trying to catch up on the paper work and preparation associated with this time of the year. Develop work, submit proposals, TAXES...yikes, and make lots of phone calls. But, the best part is yet to come. As some of you may know I am going on the road this year full time. I will be traveling through every region of the country at some point during the year. If you have something potential get in touch. I don't have to be the one that does it, but would love to stop by your site and just look at what you are thinking. Sometimes a sounding board helps you see better. It is when we can capture all of these stimuli that we can have the best product. Experience the art. For now I leave you with the token office shot. Keep an eye on the site as I will be building a mobile home for this year. Craftsmanship is a lifestyle.