Monday, February 16, 2009

Creston First Day

Ah, the Creston project. This is an interesting one. I will be working with the community to create a trail system in the southern section of the development. My job is to try and flag about two miles of trail in a handful of days. Then, I will work with their on site maintenance staff to clear the corridor, finally I will again train and work with their staff to build for a couple days, that leaves them with the brunt of the labor to finish the build. Here are a few choice photos from the day.

Today was great on a number of levels. I was back in the woods working on design and trying to figure out cruxes in tight always you only call in the troops when you are loosing the battle. But, it is so fun to push my mind to create creative solutions. In the office I had help today which made the day in the woods that much better, the office support is relieving me more than I think I imagined. Thanks babe.

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