Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new home, and a little help.

To all of you waking up and checking out the blog on a Monday, what an absolutely AWESOME weekend. We got most of the new living quarters in the truck done, just a few pieces of strategically placed cedar, a few doors and latches and we will be ready for the road. Total cost around $200. Check out the photo from the test run. We spent Saturday night in Pisgah at TMHTE, 36 hours of adventure racing bliss, those people are inhuman. Amazing.

Finally, if you can find some time to blast an email to the two gentlemen in the article below it would be much appreciated, as this will directly effect my ability to make it around to some of you this year. I look forward to getting on the road in a couple months, for now it is all about getting things in line. Taxes, jobs and gear. Enjoy the week.

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