Friday, February 13, 2009

Moving On...

Well this has been the banner week of 2009. Today we completed the truck. The final steps may come some time with an installation of industrial carpet to finish it off. But, we will have to find the right carpet for the right price. Today was sealing the cap and finishing the storage area.

Here is an outside view of the truck. It is a sleeper on many levels. Notice the trailer in the background? That is the next infrastructure building project. That is to become the mobile office and moto-tote.

Finally, I secured the first contract of 2009 with work at the Creston Community. These guys have developed an awesome community and I am stoked to get to be involved. We will be working on creating a trail system on the southern side of the community to compliment the intense trails that work through the coves and crannies of the northern edge of the community. This next week should present some truely spectacular photos. This one is of the community swing overlooking the back side of Rumbling Bald and the foothills below Hickory Nut Gorge.

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Butch Greene said... sure that's not Stone Mtn on the right and Round Mtn on the left? I could be wrong.

Anyway, if you need a worker on weekends for manual labor, I'm available.

Call my cell.