Sunday, November 9, 2008

“The Bombing Range” Weekend Workparty

WOW! What a great weekend. We got so much done. I don’t know if having more people could have helped. We shaped most of the stuff we could by hand and really, got things dialed. The pump track and intermediate line could still use a bit of tweaking, but they always can. We had a total of probably 40 people show up to lend a hand or check things out throughout the weekend. The riding in the evening really set the stage for this place to be quite the little scene.

Saturday started out a bit slow. Then, the boys from Russellville showed up and seemed to bring the troops with them. We got the beginner line flowing and started work on the intermediate stuff. The first two hits started feeling choice and the beginner line felt great. There will be transfer and hip options galore in this place.

After the workday yesterday we treated folks to an evening show of bike movies and BBQ, turned into a great way to shut down the park last night.

Today was also good. We had about the same turnout for workers and got the pump track riding. We also got the big step-up at the beginning of the expert line going. This was great because it was a single hit the boys were able to sky.

Oh, my favorite part of the weekend? Using a fire truck a second time to water a project, yeah I am really gonna have to try and make that happen some more.

Next week I will be working with the guys from Progressive Trail Designs to get the expert and advanced lines hitting well, then we will be full steam ahead going into the weekend and the National Trails Symposium.

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Kit said...

Nice job Ben, We really appreciate your help and skills... could not have got this done with out ya!