Wednesday, November 5, 2008

what a crazy last couple days.

What a NUTTY last couple days. I won't go into to many details but for those who know, here is the aftermath. For those who don't ask me about the picture of the black hole in the future.

Yesterday was a bit of a productivity bust, but in true crazy build style today I had seven guys on site cranking out some awesome work. I hope to have a good day tomorrow even in the rain.

Here is a photo of one hard workin' hammer slinging dude. This is Ryan and he is the man. Check him and his work so far out.

We have the roller line done and really sessioned it like crazy tonight, it was nice to get on the bike and rip tonight. We also started dialing in the pumptrack and laying out the advanced line.

This is Kit, the other guy who has been pushing this thing through. He has managed to sell ice to Eskimos. He is the best. Check him out in the skidder. He is really having a good time in this little machine.

Tomorrow it is getting the advanced line on the ground. Finishing the tool shed/double wall ride/step-up platform. This place is gonna be SIIIIIIICK.

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