Saturday, November 1, 2008

NLR DJ Park Day 3

Argenta, AR Dirt Jump Park…North Little Rocking out. Well, the last couple of days have been insanely good. I was called in to help build a DJ park in North Little Rock at Burns Park and was given a “good luck” on the way. Two weeks to drop a premier DJ park in the locals laps. I think it’s gonna happen.

So far I have changed the design a couple of times, picked out the actual site in the base of an old shale quarry, graded and prepped the site (Thank You NLR Parks and Rec.) and begun digging a HUGE borrow-pit. I also found out the Ark. Dept. of Environmental Quality has been to the site with white gloves and now have to really consider all of the storm-water management for an old quarry, DOH!

Digging down and I found dirt very similar to that in Rapid City; a lesson is coming out of this one, I’m just not sure what the solution is. Saturated dirt that is buried six feet down in borrow-pits makes for hard stuff to work. So I am going to try and figure out how to keep mixing it to break it up and dry it out; and hope it doesn’t rain.

The Dirt Jumps have a lot of potential, and will tie into a larger free-ride area inside the quarry over the next five to ten years. The opportunity to build something here is amazing and the city already wanted the space to be an “extreme sports park” in their master plan, so they have been great to work with once I got on the ground. It seems to be a theme, at all of the jobs, that you can’t really get a lot done in the prelim until you get to meet people on the ground.

Okay the photos…TOYS, I mean tools and A BIG HOLE they dug.

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