Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sorry for the break, I was on vacation...and it was GREAT

But, now I am back at it feeling a little more refreshed.

It is probably good I am refreshed, because this is about to be a BIG job. Welcome to the Little Rock DJ Park build. I will do my best to update daily, but I have very limited access to Wi-Fi in this part of the world and am going to have to work with what I can get.

On to the project, the ARFreeriders and the city of North Little Rock have teamed up to build a DJ park as part of a greater overall goal of an "extreme" sports park in Burns park, a world class city park facility. I have been brought in under IMBA to help all of them get what they want and this also provides me with a venue to be able to show off what I do during the National Trails Symposium.

For some of you that know me, and some of you that don't, I have obtained a new travel partner so hopefully there will be some cool shots of me working coming down the pike. So far, so good.

These photos are of the site and a meeting with the key players from ARFreeriders. It is an old borrow pit/mine for fill around the city and park. This DJ park is one of the first steps in cleaning it up. There is still a lot of dumping occurring on the site and clean-up will be a key part of this project. Check out what two year old hay-bales look like. Hopefully things will look much different in a couple days.

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