Thursday, October 2, 2008

I leave the Wiss with BIG MACHINES...

Today was an amazing testament to what a large machine is capable of. We knocked out something in a day I thought would take three. A local contractor became part of the game today and send us an ACE crew. Joe and Scott ruled it. Check out all of the work. The joy of a large machine is it can sit in the road and bench cut a trail no problem. Something else? It was able to move SIX rocks that the Bobcat excavator would have trembled at a ONCE. That is a six times increase in productivity, do that math. Granted you Rarely will have the opportunity or need to work with one of these machines on a trail project, but today we got an extra two days for FREE...kinda. Well you get it. It is stuff like this that keeps my days interesting. Also, Scott built this cool retaining wall that is just gorgeous.

Finally, this is my goodbye from the Wiss for the season, so I hope to come back, but I hope it is next year.

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