Monday, October 20, 2008

Asland PT Final and Lorton Home-Stretch

Ashland Pumptrack-

1. Best Dirt Ever
2. In the TREES
3. On the site of an old DIRT Go-cart racetrack
4. Driving Backhoes is fun!!


1. Rock retaining wall for a switchback climb
2. Telephone pole retaining wall for a switchback climb

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Wendler said...

I want ot thank you for 2 things. First, the work you did on the trails at Wissahickon. Just Amazing! Secondly on the PT in Chambersburg. I was able to visit this past weekend and it was great! Check out my blog for pictures of my 4 year old riding the PT. lwendler.blogspot

We did meet on Labor day I was hiking with my family in the Wiss. I mentioned that I was a teacher and wanted to add a PT to the 2 miles of singletrack I have on loction at my school. I will email you about that as well. There are pictures of the trail I created at my school in some older posts. Some of those posts were in the early spring if you want to check it out.

Keep up the good work!
Larry Wendler