Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, it has been a rowdy last couple weeks. We made good progress on Trailside Bike Park but momma nature had different plans. The final push will happen in Spring and a bunch of quality photos will come out of that. For now I am in front of the computer feeling a sudden surge of Winter stoke. The irony?

I have to go back to the SE for a little while. That will certainly be a change. I can't wait to be back here watching white stuff just dump out of the sky.

Tomorrow it is off to the NRPA congress for a second year in a row, still probably my favorite conference of the year. Then back here to Park City for Halloween, then a week in these mountains building, finally back to NC/GA/TN for a few weeks.

Until the next time, think snow for me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Running through a tank of gas....

I am beat, we have been PINNED this whole season, this has certainly been B4's busiest year to date and it has been a life changing year in many ways too.

Right now I am trying my best to keep fuel in the tank for the next two weeks to finish the Trailsisde Bike Park. We have brought in little guns, big guns and snow guns...not really snowguns, but the photo worked HA...

Okay so why am I so exhausted? Well, I am off the road...I now am a resident of Park City, UT. It feels really good and suprisingly like home. This means a certain level of stress in trying to make the P...ayments on the house. I am also working on a very creative project right now which is requiring a huge amount of I...magination. N...ow I am on the computer working on this blog and about N...ine other things. Tomorrow is going to involve finishing the Flowstyle Line, starting on E...levated features and building a pumptrack D...amn! This is why life is so P.I.N.N.E.D. right now. Enjoy the pics and check out my facebook page for more up to date stuff.