Sunday, October 28, 2007

South Dakota...WOW!!

Having traveled the country I have been to what are considered some of the "coolest towns" in the country. I even live in one of them. But, Rapid City showed me a better time than I ever could have imagined. The place had great riding, great sites, and great people. Thank you South Dakota.

I was there to look at a site for a potential dirt jump park in downtown. It was perfect. There was great emergency management access the location was easy to access for users and the terrain and dirt were ideal. Everyone from FMG Engineering was amazing; super nice and very helpful with regards to creating a professional looking conceptual drawing. The people with the local club, Dirk and Tim especially, were fantastic. After creating a concept for the park and looking at some additional sites early in the week, it was on to a mechanized training in the Black Hills National Forest. The views from Buzzards Roost were outstanding and I think it could potentially be one of the best riding areas in the region.

Now for pictures. I was at Mount Rushmore so there is a shot from there. One of the boys building some sweet machine cut trail. One that lends itself to a great joke: "howmany mnt. bikers does it take to change a Ditch Witch track?" And what ever other great photos I could cram on here. There will be a lot more about Rapid City in the future as I hope to go back there and be the contractor on the dirt jump build.

Again, Rapid City is amazing......if you go look up Acme bikes, Tim is an awesome guy and the shop has that real bike shop vibe.


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