Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegas Day 2...Orientation and Outdoor Demo

The goal today was to learn the system. I have never been to either Vegas or Interbike. 14 years in the Industry and this is the first trip...and this place is certainly a TRIP!! Above is a photo of the Outdoor Demo, which was good, but definitely not for me. Crazy packed trails and bikes that I really should leave for shop owners to ride. The trip is paying off for next year already.

The photo below is of the line waiting to get to the demo. I showed up this morning to see this and found my boyz...BIG THANKS TO CANE CREEK...you know who you are. We jumped in the truck and off we jetted getting to the demo.

Now that I am oriented tomorrow is down to hard working trying to find sponsors for projects and the company. I hope to talk to the right people and be in the mindset to get the right things done. Folks...please wish me luck. I think I need it this time around, feels a bit David and Goliath.

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Jimi said...

Don't sweat it, you'll make it happen, Cap'n!