Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ben...Boise to Bend...or Bust (B4)

We left Jackson...(tear) and headed to Boise to hang out and do some riding at the local park. Our opening shot is from the trail up to Lithium, oh man what a fun day.
I borrowed a Nomad, thanks Harlan

Boise Jumps were just right.

Now we are in Bend and hanging out at Smith Rocks, I climbed today, YIKES. But then went for a sweet spin including Old Dirty Pirates. Below is the waterfall surprise. We will be here for at least the rest of the week, then, who knows. This whole being on the road thing is fun and SUPER INSPIRING. Can't wait for the next project.

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David said...

One of these days we're going to run right into each other. I was in Boise Tuesday. That is a sweet bike park. Going to stop there tomarrow and get some more jump pracitce in and then stop by Curt Goudy Sunday.