Friday, March 28, 2008

Bob Marley on a Sunny Friday....

Ah, life and music, what a wonderful combination.

Yesterday was stellar, I got a lot done on the I9 track and jumps, but they need water bad. I will head back out there towards the end of next week. Here is a photo of both a jump and the s turn in the track. Notice the tire marks peeling off to the side of the jump. When you botch a jump line these begin to happen. It is one of the primary reasons I like the stand alone jump line. But, hey there are good reasons for both stand alone and integrated jump lines. The S turn is built partially into the
beginner jump line this track will be wicked fun once done.

Then in the after noon I met up with a few of the Biowheels folks for an hour of prep and trail maintenance getting ready for this weekends trainings.

Thanks Eli, Shaun, and Kris.

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