Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You just can't stop yourself sometimes.

I don't usually like to ride during hunting season, out of both respect for the hunters and for self preservation. But, today was different. I had a preplanned ride with Andy and Tavis out in Bent Creek. However, yesterday, I found out from Nate and Jimi that hunting season had started....DOH!

But, we still went out. I mean, how do you say no to a day like this.

It lead me to think alot about the concept of hunting as a recreational activity. I really don't know the answer to some of the issues inherent in rifle hunting in crowded woods. I think this is something I want to address with public recreationalists being more informed and being able to be better members of the outdoor community as a whole. Wildlife management is a real issue that needs to be handled in urbanized woods. Hunters are a great, free, way to handle this. I hope the discussion becomes more regular among my peers.

The ride was great. We cruised up North Boundary to "Five Points" and out Little Hickory Top to Sidehill. Then, dropped down the road to Lower Sidehill...Man I love that tree....Across the lake then up to Deerfield and popped out on Pine Tree. Back to the car and happy day.

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