Sunday, November 25, 2007

A nice warmup into the grind.

It's been very nice being able to just step back from things the last few days and enjoy seeing my little brother and my friends over Thanksgiving. A nice relaxing Thursday. Then a REALLY chill Friday. Finally worked outside around the house on Saturday.

Today, however, was a day back in the working mindset. I went up to Green's Lick and walked up and down it looking at what sections it can be split into for planning. So if you are on the trail and notice a few pink ribbons it will be my "section" delineations. Things seem like they will work out fairly well. I included a recent video off of YOUTUBE to show some of the chunder and flow death that has been morphing on that hill. Keep an eye on the site as I will be using this as an update area for what will be happening.

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